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Lead Generation

Imagine your website generating leads and appoinments for you 24/7 like a Marketer who doesnt sleep.

webdesign seo

Web design and SEO

Show off your beautifully designed website which is also search engine optimized from the get go.

paid traffic

Paid Traffic

More bang for your buck; focused, managed and directed paid traffic to your website.

Modern Marketing is more than shouting repeatedly at everyone!

You need to know when, where and how to reach your customer, as opposed to everyone.

These days all companies, espically at the top such as Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google; are all vying for our attention and money.

What this tells us is that, not only must you have an amazing product, you must have a clear message for the right person at the right time.

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“Since we were a new business launching our car repair workshop in the Oslo area with lots of competitors, we decided we needed expert help.

We reached out to Umer and he did a consultation on how to get more customers for our car repair workshop. He delivered much more then what we expected. He helped us understand our market, designed a marketing plan, redesigned and relaunched our website, plus created a system where we get online appointments!

We are now getting so many leads and appointments for our services, we are ecstatic. Umer is very responsive and very understanding and we happy to have continued partnership with him. Thank You!”

Theocharis Yfantidis, General Manager, SDV Oslo AS

Easy 4 step plan on how to get you more leads and appointments!


Start consultation on how to get more leads for your business.


Collaborate togather on different strategies and plans.


Launch your amazing new website with lead generation processes builtin.


Get unlimited ongoing support and leads.

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