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I am an Oslo-based Digital Marketing & Web Design consultation services provider, currently supporting various small to medium businesses. I grew up in Toronto, Canada and have recently moved to Slemmestad, Norway. I am also currently learning Norwegian and absorbing the culture (Norwegian waffles are Amazing BTW!)

I gathered my experience first building my high school’s website and since then I have been off and on gathering experiences doing jobs, building startups, and launching ventures. My passion for economics, analytical correlations and psychological user patterns build the foundation for a strong marketing process implementation in the digital realm.

My focus is geared towards omnichannel implementation of customer journey and how digitization helps small & medium local brick and mortar businesses (both online and offline) with its customer make better decisions in our everyday life.

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Professional skillset


Coming up with innovative solutions that are required for new market opportunities.


Data & Analytics
Gathering valuable data and utilizing Analysis tools for optimization.

ux design

UX Design
Building customer journies online with functionality and ease of use in mind as opposed to just visuals.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing
Directing the right message for the right people, on the right channel at the right time.

Digital marketing is about being curious, enjoying versatility, thinking ahead, focused on business and strategy centred

Source: Digital marketing institute.