I am a Digital Marketing & Web Design Consultation Services provider, helping businesses get new customers making sure they keep coming back!

My process starts with the Analysis and ends with Continuous Improvement. I am dedicated yet flexible but constantly evolving. Could your business be the next one in my portfolio? I am excited to find out!

113 +

That’s just how many web pages and landing pagesI have designed, developed, hosted, and maintained since 2019.

Analysis, strategy & planning

Best sites are the ones that not only look beautiful, but they also rank well to attract the right customers, compel them to take actions and convert to leads, book appointments or customers.

Services included

Market Reserch, Persona research, Keyword & Topic research plus much more.

Webdesign, UX & landing pages

Guiding site visitors, being informative and compelling visitors to take action. The website is a digital representation and centrepiece, that should be easy to use, understand, up to date and a huge source of demand.

Services included

Website designing, Content marketing, Copywriting plus much more.

Traffic & Engagement channels

Promoting and positioning your website in front of the customers on the digital channels they use and consume. Your business should be easily accessible on any digital channel and on any digital medium for your customer.

Services included

Pay per click ad management (PPC), Search engine optimization (SEO) & Local SEO, Customer Relationship management (CRM) plus much more.

Continuous improvement

In order to get more leads and loyal customers coming back, websites have to be designed with longterm sustainability in mind. Analytics are utilized as they show what is visitor does over time so improvements can be made to generate more leads and conversions.

Services included

Website audit and Analysis, Analytics review & insights, Conversion rate optimization plus much more.

100% guaranteed to grow your business

Since 2019, I have been providing Digital Marketing & Web Design consultation services in the Oslo area. I am confident enough to give you a service with a 100% guarantee that gets you new customers and also keeps them coming back.

Automania Kjeller AS client of SMB Konsulent Muhammad Umer Khan. Providing Digital marketing and web design services near Oslo area.

“Working with Umer continues to be an outstanding experience. We had issues with expanding our business from just carwash to other services such as auto repair and tire hotel.

Umer helped us with digital marketing, web design, cleaned up plus took over our PPC account and even implemented a system that allows our customers to make appointments online, themselves. That is amazing!

Since relaunching our website with his design ideas, Automania Kjeller has experienced a massive increase in all sorts.”

Freddie Knudsen, General Manager, Automania Kjeller AS

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