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SEO Oslo: Boost your local business in the Oslo area for More Traffic and Customers!

Dominate the Oslo region and leave your competition behind.

SEO Oslo is part of my Digital Marketing & Web Design Consultation Services.

I am based in Slemmestad, serving local businesses in the Oslo area since 2019.

SMB Konsulent Muhammad Umer Khan is a one-man Digital Marketing and Web Design Consultation Services, dedicated to providing a holistic yet personal touch to each one of the clients.

How standard SEO and Local SEO work are very similar yet not so much identical!

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A simple yet quick explanation would be that after analyzing data of various searches conducted; for example, Google found that people were interested in services in there immediate vicinity.

Google has in its algorithm a “proximity” factor; which means Google takes into consideration your location when you search. Google will apply this factor even you don’t use “city name” or “near me” in your search query.

The best example would be if I would search for “Sushi” while I am in Oslo, I would different results, as opposed to when I would search for “Sushi” in Slemmestad.

With Google utilizing mobile-first indexing and every person having access to mobile phones it’s very important to invest in local SEO for businesses offering local products and services.

You get location-based results in Google’s local pack within the standard Search Results. What that means is your results can appear in both spots, as separate algorithms run both sections. As a local business, you have an opportunity to dominated the results page.

Bottom line!

Working with lots of Oslo based businesses I have gotten lots of practice and experience. Check out my portfolio to view the websites I have worked on and case studies I have written on them. Having an amazing website is useless if no one can find it.

Search Algorithms are constantly changing therefore it is required that I be up-to-date with algorithmic updates. I try to use the best SEO tools in the field such as AHREFS, Moz, WordPress, Wix plus much more. In order to be competitive in the SEO Oslo area; you must be comfortable with writing good local content plus attract and maintain local traffic.

I will boost your local search engine optimization through localized content creation, inbound links from local websites and populating local citations. I will help you get there with a variety of strategies as part of an overall Digital Marketing & Web Design Consultation. 

The best of local SEO Oslo Strategists part of Digital Marketing:

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword and Topic Analysis
  • Local Content Creation Strategy
  • Local channel optimization
  • Local Link Building & Link Earning Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Local Analytics Analysis and Conversion Rate Optimization
  • User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) Design
  • Paid search ads
  • SEO Oslo Strategies

I provide Digital Marketing & Web Design Consultation Services under SMB Konsulent Muhammad Umer Khan. My clients are ranking in the top 3 spots for all of their competitive keywords and services.

Check out my Portfolio page for more information. Let me help you meet your objectives with customized top SEO Services.

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